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Zoltar Costume

Hopefully he won't have to break wind throughout Halloween night in this costume from the Tom Hanks movie Big.

--"I wish I didn't have those burritos earlier."
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Tauntaun Costume

This Tauntaun costume is the coolest thing ever!!! Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more then the Hoth scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

A Tauntaun sleeping bag might look über-cuddly, but may smell bad.

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This costume was sent in with the title Working Zombie. I guess during these tough economic times even the walking dead have to make a living.

  • Zombie waking up to go to work

  • Zombie during his lunch break

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District 9 Costume

Truly awesome Wikus van de Merwe Halloween costume from the movie District 9. This costume has everything covered from the alien eye to the can of cat food. He even took the time to create an employee badge.

It goes to show you - if you want a kickass Halloween costume, add a badge to it.
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Where the Wild Things Are costumes would make great group Halloween costumes this year. The only problems are: who gets stuck wearing the wolf costume, and finding a bar where you can actually have room to move around.

At least now you actually have an excuse to start howling and throwing objects or yourselves around when you've had a little too much to drink.
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