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Blade comes out of retirement for Blade 4. The costume still just as kick ass but it needed to be taken out a few sizes.

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There isn't much work for a model with one leg. Luckily she's smoking cute and Planet Terror featured a one leg femme fatal. I've never felt so attracted to a women missing a limb before.

Here's what the costume looks like when you don't have the finance from the film studio and two legs. Mmm not quite the same on so many levels.


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If you're looking at this photo and recognise the TV unit and room decor but not the costume then it's one of three possibilities;
- Your flat mates are into some weird ass shit
- Your parents are into some weird ass shit
- Some weird ass shit went down in your place when you were last on holidays. Burn the sheets and throw out your toothbrush.

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The Dark Knight made a bucket load of cash and while Batman was the hero everyone loved The Joker. So get ready for every Halloween party to have at least 5 jokers. And if you dead set on going as The Joker then you better make sure your costume is as good as this one.


Or you'll end up looking like the ones below.


Even worse is if you leave your costume buying till the last minute, and have to get a rental costume, you'll end up with something like this.


My bet would be to pick a movie that hasn't come out yet (Watchmen for instance) and go there.

Bad Taste Area: If you really want to make a scene (in a bad taste way) you can try this costume idea and dress up as Heath Ledger.


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I've learnt my lesson to find out the character's name before I post up a costume (lest I be flamed). But does it really matter? Here's a sexy rendition of Midna from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

This is the only time dressing up as Link may get you laid.

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