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Sexy Monster Bodypainting

I've always been told to look into someone's eyes while having a conversation.

So this sexy bodypainter has put me in a pickle. I can be a gentleman and make actual eye contact but miss out on a great view. If I focus on her rack eyes then I'm a pervert.

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Here is video that was shot at the Edwardian Ball. An annual Victorian / goth event that has recently turned into a great faire for the steampunk costuming trend.

This particular costumer decided to create the steampunk version of goldfish platform shoes. Since the goldfish are probably going to die in a matter of hours, he could have been a little nice and put a plant or some sort of castle in the helmet.
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Sexy Robot Chicken Costume

Normally, I wouldn't say that a Halloween costume base on a road-killed cyborg chicken is sexy. But, based on all the other versions of this Halloween costume this is probably the sexiest of them all.

She is after all wearing high heels. Doesn't that automatically make it a sexy costume?
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I'd like to see what Mister Rogers' neighborhood looks like after he talks a stroll through it. Mr. McFeely better watch himself on his delivery route. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe must be in utter chaos!

Zombie Mr. Rogers Costume

He did a killer job on his costume make up. If I had to picture Mister Rogers as a killer zombie this is what he'd look like. He's neighborly, yet deadly at the same time. Also, this picture made me really want an X the Owl puppet of my own.

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Aladdin Magic Carpet Costume

Looks like Princess Jasmine kicked Aladdin out of the palace and was bumped back down to street rat. I guess instead of having his last wish be to set the genie free he should have asked to never have to work again.
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