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If you're going to dress as one of the most bad ass superheroes Wolverine you better look like this guy. No one will tell this guy that Wolverine doesn't wear camo pants.


And not this guy.


Here's a collection of the good and bad Wolverine Halloween costumes out there. Get in early before the movie comes out next year and everyone is wearing this for Halloween 2009.


Wolverine = cool. Zombies = cool. Zombie Wolverine = very cool



This guy actually has real retractable claws. And probably ended up poking out the eye of his date at a Halloween party too.



Don't let your mom wear the costume this year though.


Or the local stripper

And if you've left your Halloween costume buying to last minute you know you're going to end up with this


and worse still this very crap Wolverine costume.

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Toddlers are perfect for Oompa Loompa costumes. It's easy to make too.


Costume is fine it just fails when anyone over 4 ft wears them.


Once again adding a pimp twist to a costume works really well.


I'm not sure what's worse. The costume or the decor.


I'm a sucker for a dog in a costume oh and dogs in wigs.

So unless you're a toddler, dog or midget don't attempt a Oompa Loompa costume this Halloween.

Serious Note: If you were an Oompa Loompa you'd find these costumes as offensive as a Goolly Wogg doll or someone in "black face". Think about how your actions affect other people's feelings this Halloween.

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Inspired! You've dropped $500 buying a Boba Fett helmet but can't afford the full costume. Pop that bad boy on with the pimp suit from last year's Halloween, some cheap ass bling and you're ready for the town.

I'd even go as far to wear this as an everyday thing. If anyone asks about it just say "one day in the future we'll al be wearing this. You'll think back to today and realise I was a trend setter"

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Recently overheard at a Comic Convention: "Oh that's very interesting.... you're from what TV series again?.... oh shit check it out it's Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat! Sorry I've got a get a photo of this, bye."

Seriously though this kind of thing ticks so many boxes it's hard to know where to start. You can easily slip in between cosplay convention and S&M club with no need to change outfits. Also if a sword fight breaks out you're covered too. Well barely covered in this costume.

Note: Chain mail looks so much better on women.

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I'd never heard of Power Girl before seeing these photos. It looks to be a sexier version of Super Girl. Watch out though she's related to Superman so he might beat yo ass if you treat Super Girl wrong. Here's some fan costumes from various Comic Con's and other costume parties.

This first one reminds me of Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

This last one is the "Official Fan Power Girl" as seen in these fan made films


And then we um... Power Mom? Points for trying though.

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