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Even though it looks like a lot of work has gone into this costume one can only wonder WTF is it. At least it can be recycled into several draft stoppers for doors and thus, in a way, is environmentally friendly.
Update: Thank you to all the comments. It is indeed his noodley one the FSM. I have touched a nerve with followers out there. I apologise for not recognising his greatness.

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I think it's actually the flying spaghetti monster

It's The Flying Spaghetti Monster! you dumbass...



the flying spaghetti monster¡¡ oh my FSM¡¡¡
el grandisimo MONESVOL¡¡¡¡respect the religion of the FSM

it is not an octopus, is the FSM!

no. its totally an octopus with meatballs. ya dummy.



emmm.... its FSM

You're on the interwebs, you have a blog, and you think this is an octopus. That's the most hilarious thing I've read in years! *thumbs up*

This costume is actually pretty genius. Reaching his noodly appendage...

Flying Spaghetti Monster

That last one is the flying spaghetti monster. rAmen.

stupid blogger is stupid.

It's the muthafookin flying spaghetti monster!

you have obviously never been touched by his noodley appendage

OK I see the error of my ways. The meatballs all make sense now. FSM it is. thanks for all the comments

You are a retard who should be band from the internet for not knowing of his noodlyness i bet you also don't know that the major cause of global warming is lack of pirates

Well? Gonna update the post or not? Seems to still be titled WTF Octopus. Plus, that person is totally awesome for being the FSM for Halloween.

Just in case no one's mentioned it yet, this is actually the Flying Spaghetti Monster, not an octopus.

i like the group effort on these comments

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