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Japanese Raccoon Balls Costume

Is it a bear? Monkey? The Japanese packaging makes it look like Mario in raccoon form ...with his junk hanging out.
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Captain America Dog Costume

Nick Fury Dog Costume

The Hulk Dog Costume

Thor Dog Costume

There sure have been a lot of Avengers cross-promotions out there. Wouldn't it be great to see a Beggin' Strips dog treat commercial? The Avengers Don't Know It's Not Bacon!
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Keyboard Cat Costume Fatso Keyboard Cat

"Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat"

Even though the Keyboard Cat video has been out since 2007 I wasn't aware there are certain circles of people who actually like to dress as Fatso and play his little tune. I am assuming these costumers have no actual keyboarding skills. But what do they care; they're a cats!

The first time I watched this video I couldn't stop laughing. When I tried to take a cat nap I couldn't get the tune out of my head and started having nightmares.
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Dog Iguana Costume

Let's face it, your dog is going to look depressed no matter what costume you put on it. So, if you are going to dress your pet up for Halloween you might as well have some fun at the pet's expense.

I'm curious what kind of mutt this would produce.
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Enterprise Dog Costume

I read that the Engine Room scenes in the new Star Trek movie were filmed at a Budweiser Plant. This was going to be their new "Spuds MacKenzie" in a cross-promotional marketing campaign but sadly it was just too fucking stupid.

JJ Abrams needs to go back to LOST.
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