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Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

Pregnant Zombie Costume

Ah, yes, the question as old as time- "Does the unborn child of a pregnant zombie also become a zombie?" Probably. I don't know- zombies aren't real yet. It makes for a great costume nonetheless.
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Toddler Jack Skellington Costume

What an adorable costume. But the kid's expression does yell, "Stop taking photos of me on this tree stump already! I want to trick or treat!"
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Baby Bruce Lee Costume

This Baby Bruce Lee Costume is quite fantastic. I really hope he gets in a fight to the death with a baby Kareem Abdul Jabbar. That would be cool.
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Baby Wilson Volleyball Costume

This is an adorable costume of the volleyball companion of Tom Hanks from the movie Cast Away. Made me think, wouldn't it be an interesting twist if it was actually a baby he was talking to the whole time. Then he looses the baby in the ocean before he is rescued so, naturally, he tells everyone about the 'volleyball' that he named Wilson and cared for all those years on the island. Whoops.
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Baby Mermaid Costume

Baby Mermaid Costume

What the f*ck is wrong with parents this days? This crocheted baby mermaid costume is NOT adorable. It is just weird. If you were going for adorable, you should have gone for the baby Hitler costume.
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