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Little Toddler Chucky Costume

Holy Sh*t this is creepy! Keep this kid away from me. I would probably mistake it for being a real Chucky and kick it preemptively. You know, in defense. Because Chucky dolls are really creepy.
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Baby Han Solo Riding Tauntaun

Awhhhh... this is über-adorable.
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Baby Tron Costume
Toddler Tron Costume

When I was growing up all I got was hand-me-down clothes. This babies parents went all out and crafted a whole onesie Tron suit. Not fair.

I am sure that Tron Guy is proud that his legacy might live on with this toddler.
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Kids iPod Costumes

Nothing like ruining the Halloween season for your kids then by having them dress in consumer product costumes instead of their favorite superhero costume or classic Halloween costumes.

They probably have no idea what an iPod is.
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Baby Chestburster Costume

This Alien chestburster costume is perferct for the new dads who do not want to stay home on Halloween night.
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