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Toddlers are perfect for Halloween costumes. Not only do they say funny things but they have enough mobility and cognitive skills to make costumes work. They are also very cute in almost any situation.

We'll be doing a feature on toddler costumes very soon on WTFcostumes.

Here's some costumes we have previously featured for kids both babies and toddler age.

Toddlers Mario and Luigi Costume
Kids Alien Costume
Toddlers Lobster Costume
Toddlers Napoleon Dynamite Costume
Kids Lobster in Pot Costume

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I think this is even funnier than the previous baby lobster costume.

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Here's a simple rule for Yoda Star Wars costumes. Unless your aged under 10 or a dog do not dress in a Yoda costume for Halloween. It's just impossible to make it look any good in fact it looks lame and almost disturbing. Need proof? See the examples below.


As you can see above Yoda costumes and older people don't mix


Even Martin Scorsese can't save this costume.


No matter how well the costume is made unless you're a midget the costume just looks wrong.


Dogs + Yoda Costume = Fucking Funny.
This is the eqivilent of the aligning of planets. You can't ask for more. Not that cats in Yoda costumes are non existent. That's probably because cats suck.


The only thing better than a kid ina Yoda costume is one with a hottie mom. And a celeb one at that!


There are 3 options for Yoda costumes. Above is official licenced Yoda hats for kids.

Secondly there is Yoda masks complimented with a Yoda T-Shirt. Not exacly staying true to the films but still says "Yoda" to potential houses when asking for candy.



Lastly there's home made custom Yoda costumes. As you can see kids don't like you cheaping out. Also how will George Lucas make money if you don't buy official licenced goods?

If you really have your heart set on a Yoda Costume for Halloween your best bet is to go as Luke Skywalker and have the Yoda backpack. It's the perfect comprimise plus you can use the backpack the rest of the year, not just at Halloween.


And if you're female you're basically limited to two Star Wars costumes. Sexy slave Leia and the Sexy Blue/Green Slave girl costume. Sorry thems the rules.


I would use my Jedi mind trick en masse right now.


Don't try and do a female Yoda costume. As Yoda should be like Smurfs. Male only.


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I can't decide which is funnier, the costume or the baby's expression.

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One day this kid will see this photo and remember how his parents made him wear it all day around the city instead of changing just before the dress up party. He'll go postal and end up pleading insanity at the trial for double homicide.

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