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The crew over at have outdone themselves. Earlier this year they made some epically WTF Harlem Shake videos, but now they have made a string of new 2013 commercials featuring their muppet-esque Monster puppet mascot. There is something about seeing a muppet in a banana costume that is oddly appealing.

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Sexy Chewbacca Costume

I think Han Solo wished really really hard and his Jedi Fairy Godmother granted his request. This sexy Chewbacca costume really makes you question what else from Star Wars could be gender-bent successfully. Sexy Admiral Ackbar anyone? It's a trap!
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McDonalds Worker Zombie Costume

First there was the Burger King horse meat scandal, now there fast food restaurants using human meat in their food? Soylent Green is People! Soylent Green is People! And it makes you a Zombie! That sure would make a okay science fiction movie. Just okay though- I would expect to see this movie on the SyFy Channel by the end of the year. And on a completely secondary note, the zombie lady in the picture has some awesome blood-spatter cleavage going on. Very tasteful.
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Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

Pregnant Zombie Costume

Ah, yes, the question as old as time- "Does the unborn child of a pregnant zombie also become a zombie?" Probably. I don't know- zombies aren't real yet. It makes for a great costume nonetheless.
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Zombie Breakfast at Tiffanys Costume

Audrey Hepburn would be spinning in her grave if she saw this photo. This Breakfast at Tiffany's zombie costume has some top notch fx makeup. Do I smell a remake in the works?
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