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There just something about a women with a chainsaws that tickles my fancy. Maybe it's because I know if I ever need firewood I'd set. I'm told the other Chain Saw wielding woman is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Either way both can have a hack at my great pine if in the area. (boom tish)

Looking at the Ash statue it seems she could have exposed a nipple to be 100% authentic.

Thanks to Local H (Ash in the photos) for sending these in. Great work

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Remember that time when you watched way to much Dr Who and then fell asleep and had the fantasy about having group sex with a bunch of daleks? .... yeah me neither but this certainly made me think about it.

Thanks to Scott Hampson for sending this in.

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This Jedi Barbie costume combines 3 of my favourite things. Star Wars, babes and draping. Oh no I've watched way to much Project Runway!

Thanks Tessa for sending this in.

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DC and Marvel comics pay attention. Having hot women dress up as little known characters like Starfire here is a sure fire way to increase awareness. Sure the Superman costume is fine but he might as well be invisible right now.

Those boots are great. Did I say boots?

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This is Darth Maul's girlfriend Darth Talon. Last I checked he was chopped in half, so she's fair game. Also Sith girls go all the way!

There's something about babes in red I can't resist. If this chick and Hell Girl were to battle it out on a raised podium (Gladiators style) I'm not sure who I'd be rooting for.

Also check the dude with the muppet in the background. Way to blow the mojo of the photo!

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