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There isn't much work for a model with one leg. Luckily she's smoking cute and Planet Terror featured a one leg femme fatal. I've never felt so attracted to a women missing a limb before.

Here's what the costume looks like when you don't have the finance from the film studio and two legs. Mmm not quite the same on so many levels.


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You've been invited to a Halloween party and you have the perfect outfit. A sexy tight fitting nuns costume. Then you re read the invite and see it has a side note "costumes must be in bad taste". Not wanting to have to buy another costume you throw a pillow under the skirt and head out.

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I've learnt my lesson to find out the character's name before I post up a costume (lest I be flamed). But does it really matter? Here's a sexy rendition of Midna from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

This is the only time dressing up as Link may get you laid.

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Cosplay is much easier for cute girls. Basically you put on any costume and it's instantly sexy. Like this one from Riddle


I think I'm in love!

It's between Hellgirl and Dr Girlfriend for the biggest nerd boner costume of the year.

Here's some other attempts at the same costume with varying success.


This Hellboy dude should cheer up.

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I'm not even sure if the last one is a costume or a feminist art project.

With so much interest in penis costumes I thought we'd show the other side for once.

Yes the #1 search term that links to this site is penis costume. Quite sad really. This is the costume equivalent of a fart joke. Low brow to say the least.

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