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Not sure what it is about women in blue but it always tickles my fancy. Whether they are from Mass Effect, 5th Element or the add episode of Star Trek blue women are much better than green women.

This Smurfette costume certainly makes me want to go all Handy Smurf :)

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I'm going to end up having sexual fantasies about this one.

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Inspired by the famous Nat Geo photo from 1984 reffered to as Afghan Girl. Although the women in the costume doesn't seem as nice as the original.


This is similar to the Girl in the Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa costumes featured earlier.

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sexy Alice in wonderland costume

Here's what the original Alice would think of this costume.

Basically any female Disney character is up for grabs when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes. Except maybe for Ursula from the Little Mermaid. This Sexy Alice in Wonderland costume makes me want to dress up like a rabbit and chase her down the hole. Except this model may have been crippled as she can't seem to stand straight.

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sexy sailor costume
sexy sailor costume 2

I think Scientologists have been given a bad wrap. Well that's what I' be saying if the Sea Org representative looked and dressed like this like this. I'd take all the free stress test it took.
Get this Sexy Sailor Costume here and if the Scientology overtones seem a little unsexy then just recreate Gilligans Island.

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