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Gum Stuck on Shoe

Gum on the bottom of a shoe Halloween costume; clever. This is probably ranks up there as one of the cheapest homemade costumes you can come up with.

That is if you have a sweatshirt the color of a gum brand.

Unfortunately, I do not. Not red for Big Red or green for Wrigley's Spearmint. I do however have a brown sweatshirt. Which means, instead of gum I can go as the ultimate thing you don't want stuck on the bottom of your shoe....POOP!
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Sexy Robot Chicken Costume

Normally, I wouldn't say that a Halloween costume base on a road-killed cyborg chicken is sexy. But, based on all the other versions of this Halloween costume this is probably the sexiest of them all.

She is after all wearing high heels. Doesn't that automatically make it a sexy costume?
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Firefox Logo Costume

Firefox Web Browser Costume

I am hopeful people will try to create other costumes based on the other web browsers.

I'd like to see what you could come up with for Internet Explorer. Safari would probably be the next easiest but it almost would feel like a copout dressing as an adventurer holding a compass.

But that's coming from someone who thinks dressing as a sexy fox and holding a globe is awesome.
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This black and white costume must go into the "it's so good, it's fake" costume category.

Desaturated Santa Claus

The desaturated Santa Lady suit was made by Brody using a grey wig, fabric, contacts, and Kryolan body paint.

She first appeared at the 2009 SantaCon in San Francisco. I believe she also paid a visit to New York in 2010. It could almost become a game at SantaCon, "Where is Desaturated Santa".

Here is a video of her awesome Santa costume for you doubters who believe it's photoshopped:

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Baberaham Lincoln Costume
Sexy Baberaham Lincoln

Nice take on the sexy Baberaham Lincoln costume. I never thought I would be attracted to a woman with facial hair like Honest Abe.

Although, it is really odd picturing what Abraham Lincoln might look like if he decided to go drag for Halloween (or any other night of the week).
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