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Dumb and Dumber Tuxedos

Chances are if you are allowed to wear these Dumb and Dumber tuxedos to your prom or other formal event your date is your best friend. Just like Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. If it isn't' then you've found yourself an awsome date.

These tuxedos are great because they give you an excuse to break out into a cane fight. Plus, you can save money on the limo and drive around on a scooter instead.

Those two things alone will create memories worth cherishing.
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I'd like to see what Mister Rogers' neighborhood looks like after he talks a stroll through it. Mr. McFeely better watch himself on his delivery route. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe must be in utter chaos!

Zombie Mr. Rogers Costume

He did a killer job on his costume make up. If I had to picture Mister Rogers as a killer zombie this is what he'd look like. He's neighborly, yet deadly at the same time. Also, this picture made me really want an X the Owl puppet of my own.

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Aladdin Magic Carpet Costume

Looks like Princess Jasmine kicked Aladdin out of the palace and was bumped back down to street rat. I guess instead of having his last wish be to set the genie free he should have asked to never have to work again.
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Doug Quailman Costume

Finally, Halloween has given me an excuse to break out my green sweater vest. I have no idea where to find underwear like his (or have the guts to purchase them).

Remember to eat your beets kids. They're nature's candy!
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Since Life Day is almost upon us I give you the famous Jewbacca Star Wars costume.

Jewbacca Star Wars Costume

I really don't see the connection. Sure the names rhyme; but what do the Wookiees, a race that was enslaved and almost entirely wiped out by the empire have to do with....oh, never mind.
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