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You are sure to be the hit of the party when you dress as everyone's favorite extra terrestrial (besides Alf).

Elliot and E.T. Costume

Based on what I've read all you need for this Elliot and E.T. costume is some basic sketching skills and some appliances you probably have lying around your house.

If you don't have a red hooded sweatshirt you can pick one up for $10-$15. To create E.T. draw out E.T.'s face on the back of a paper bag. His body consists of a pillow, some duct tape, a red light, and an old adjustable shower head.

You then place him in a crate with some bike handles off an old kid's bike and cover it up with a sheet.
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Trash Can Baby Halloween Costume

Sadly, this Halloween costumer's face expression is typically what a real trash can baby looks like after 30 minutes of being stuck in the trash. To me his face says: "This is kind of fun but come back and change my diaper already!"
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Blunt Cigar Costume

I'll be blunt; this homemade costume would have been great at a California Proposition 19 rally. The hand drawn name tag would have been very humanizing and probably would have swung the vote the other way.
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Samurai Stormtrooper Costume

What's next after George Lucas re-releases all the Star Wars films in 3D? I know; remakes with all the characters dressed as samurai warriors.

Based on this Stormtrooper samurai costume I feel the Darth Vader version would be off the hook.

He has to make money somehow right?
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Homemade Avatar Costume

It makes you wonder why James Cameron wasted all that time and money to create CGI Avatar characters.

All he had to do was go to the local Wal-Mart and buy some blue body paint, foam tubing, and feather dusters and voilà; you have your cheap Na'vi costume.
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