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Another submission this time from Alan Smith not to be confused with the other 6 million Alan Smiths out there who don't dress at Lego.

A little bit of paint and you could rework this costume the next year to be Zombie Lego men and save yourself the hassle during Halloween.

One thing I did notice is the party here looks totally shit.

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You know when you watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and he rigged the bed, the door and the recording to trick his parents into thinking he was still in bed sick when really he was off doing wild and crazy 80's things and you though who the fuck coudl rig that up. This is the kind of talented smart ass Wayne Neumaier is. He sent this in. I bet it lights up and everything.

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I'm not sure what's freaking me out more. The Monarch's face or his crotch. I will say that the Dr Girlfriend costume babe here is nothing compared the the previous sexy Dr. Girlfriend costume.

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I'm only going off the original Mario Bros. games but I think Luigi always had to go sloppy seconds. And by the look on his face I don't think he cares.

Thanks Sam for sending this in. I'll leave it to my imagination as to what happened after this photo.

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Eric sent this in to me. He's the one dressed as Ash from Evil dead. Thats Jason and a zombie also in the photo. While everyone's gone to a fantastic effort on their costume they forgot that a zombie has no need for an axe. That is unless it was a lumberjack zombie but then he'd be wearing plaid.

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