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Monster Jaw Zombie Makeup Application

Holy snickers, that is some crazy zombie makeup. It it sort of reminiscent of that bad made-for-TV movie of Stephen King's The Langoliers. Remember when Balki from Perfect Strangers stabbed the blind little girl? I do... it was really messed up.
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The Harlem Shake phenomenon is definitely bringing back the stupid video concept to YouTube. Most of these Shake videos contain some great WTF costume moments. Take a break from your day and enjoy some of these treasures from the gutters of YouTube.
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Car Seat Costume

Wow, I am not sure what this is. Are we witnessing a prank in process, some kind of WTF costume or a botched worst-ever human trafficking attempt.
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Kids Praying Mantis Costume

"Uhmm, Dad, I want to be a Praying Mantis for Halloween." Oh, you will be a praying mantis, dear child, the MOST EPIC F##KING PRAYING MANTIS ever! BWaHaHAha!
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Identity Thief Costume

Here is at a last minute costume idea for Halloween- the Identity Thief. You know, someone who steals your personal information and CC numbers online. It is good to see the classic pantyhose over the face look has survived in the thief profession as they transitioned from analog to digital.
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