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Missing Person Costume

Some people wake up in the morning and the first thing they check is the obituaries. Not me, I whip out a new carton of milk and check the missing persons.
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Care Bear Costumes

I loved Care Bears were when I was six. Then I reached the age of seven and stopped caring. Thus, bringing the Caring Meter to zero, destroying Care-a-Lot.

Thankfully there are still people who like to dress in funny Care Bear Halloween costumes in hopes of restoring the city.
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Kids Gnome Costume

A gnome costume is more for being punished then having fun. If your kid is being bad forget having them sit in a corner. No, it would be much more penalizing to have them get dressed in their gnome Halloween costume and stand still in the front yard.

That'll teach 'em.
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Douchebag Costume

At least he's man enough to admit he's a douchebag, and creative enough to create a Halloween costume to celebrate it. Why he needs a hat that makes him look like a deformed Hershey's kiss I'll never know.
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Hamburger Helper Costume

This funny Halloween costume proves that the Hamburger Helper is still a favorite among food mascots.

He used to be in commercials a lot. But, over time he became depressed for not being able to give the middle finger and developed a hand lotion addiction because of it.

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