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Rapunzel Costume

"Rapunzel, let down your hair! Uhhhh, never mind."

Picture this: You're a single guy scanning a Halloween party and you see someone in a Rapunzel costume. You go over to check her out and say "May I climb your hair?". Then she turns around and you see this guys face in the window.
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Tron Costume

Forget Star Trek and Star Wars costumes. The next Halloween costume that says "I need to get laid" is a flesh colored spandex Tron costume with lights.

If at all possible, save yourself the embarrassment and don't have it as tight from the waist down.

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Undead Doctor Costume

If I couldn't get Doogie Howser as my doctor my next choice would be to have zombie Dr. McBrainy operate on me. He looks dead-icated to his patients.
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Scooby Doo Group Costumes

Fun things to do on Halloween when dressed in Scooby Doo costumes:

  1. Go to your local malt shop and pig out
  2. Go to haunted houses and ruin the fun for kids by explaining everything
  3. Pull off peoples Halloween masks saying "Mystery Solved!"
  4. Sit around eating Scooby snacks ;)

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Tauntaun Costume

This Tauntaun costume is the coolest thing ever!!! Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more then the Hoth scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

A Tauntaun sleeping bag might look über-cuddly, but may smell bad.

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