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I thought this was a cool costume and then I read it was created in Japan and is actually a simple red skirt that transforms into an urban camouflage soda machine.

All the best stuff is made in Japan.
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This has to be one of the coolest Transformers Costumes I have ever seen. This Bumblebee costume was created by Lionel Lum for Comic Con 2008. He says that it took him 3 months to design and build. The costume is made out of "foamboard, hobby foam, vinyl signage applique, and is held together with tons of hot glue and some duct tape here and there."

He spent 8 hours a day in the suit during the con, and claims it only takes 10 minutes to put on and 5 minutes to remove.
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You know you've gone a little too far on the drinking during Halloween when your head turns into a gigantic hammer and you flash a peace sign.
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This first guy is the spitting image of Waldo. He has the right stance and even the tea cup looks like the one he uses. With so many people dressing up in a Waldo Costume this year he is not going to be that hard to find.

I've always wondered; if Waldo and Carmen Sandiego had kids, would you ever be able to find them?
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Robot costumes have to be difficult to go to the bathroom in. Especially if you're like me and have the urge to push over people wearing Asimo costumes in the bathroom line at the bar on Halloween.
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