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I know 80's costumes are in right now, and you have to admit if you saw a group dressed up like this for Halloween they would win the costume contest. If you are looking to purchase ghostbuster costumes than see the links below.
Ghostbuster Costumes
Sexy Ghostbuster Costume

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These Lego Star Wars costumes are genius. Basically take anything Star Wars and mash it with something else (ie Boba Fet Pimp Costume or Storm Trooper Elvis costume) and you have a great Halloween costume.

If anyone has any more good Star Wars costume mashups please send them in.

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Toddlers are perfect for Oompa Loompa costumes. It's easy to make too.


Costume is fine it just fails when anyone over 4 ft wears them.


Once again adding a pimp twist to a costume works really well.


I'm not sure what's worse. The costume or the decor.


I'm a sucker for a dog in a costume oh and dogs in wigs.

So unless you're a toddler, dog or midget don't attempt a Oompa Loompa costume this Halloween.

Serious Note: If you were an Oompa Loompa you'd find these costumes as offensive as a Goolly Wogg doll or someone in "black face". Think about how your actions affect other people's feelings this Halloween.

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Some day aliens will look back to Earth and wonder WTF is going on. There advanced minds cannot comprehend the complex nuances in this costume and the video below.

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If you really want to freak the person you are stalking then try this. Get a photo of their face, tear it up and paste that onto your face. Then arrive unannounced at a fancy dress Halloween party that person is also attending and follow them around saying nothing.

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