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If you're looking at this photo and recognise the TV unit and room decor but not the costume then it's one of three possibilities;
- Your flat mates are into some weird ass shit
- Your parents are into some weird ass shit
- Some weird ass shit went down in your place when you were last on holidays. Burn the sheets and throw out your toothbrush.

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The Sweet Relish guy is stoned off his dial.

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If you're going to do a big group effort and create as many Xmen costumes as you can and someone rocks up with a fur coat and says "I'm sabertooth!!!!" you tell her to fuck off and try harder. Same with anyone who makes Wolverines claws out of tin foil.

Thanks for sending that in Marcus. I hope it wasn't your Wolverine costume though I just shate on.

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"Hello, This is my recent costume for a mate's 30th. I went as his mother's womb in 1978. Tim."

Tim you are a freak and also pink shirts for men suck :)

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On paper a carboard robot will always look pretty shitty. But with a coat of paint and a few little touches here and there you can end up with something decent. Not great but good enough to say "yeah I put some effort in... wanna go out back and {insert witty robot pun here}"

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