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Hipster Horse Costume

When I first looked at this Halloween costume I thought "if a horse wearing a hoodie and grilling wieners doesn't qualify as a hipster I don't know what does". Then out of the blue the Mister Ed theme song came into my head and I realized Mister Ed could potentially be one of the founders of the hipster movement.

He's been known to wear those trendy spectacles and has well kempt bangs; you ask him something he will give you his opinion, followed by some witty banter; he's even well educated (he can talk people).

You name your criteria and Mister Ed probably fits it.

Mister Ed Giving Speech

Mister Ed Sporting Glasses

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Battleship Costume

Turret Gun Layout

Battleship Costume Construction

Happy Battleship Costume Friends

Well if this isn't the perfect buddy costume. I like the look of their faces in the last picture. I bet someone said "I'm going to sink your battleship!" for the twentieth time that day and they're trying to make it look like it's the first time they've heard it.

Believe it or not this massive 2 person Battleship Halloween costume is packing live artillery (4 automatic NERF guns).

The whole costume is made from painted cardboard and contains the following:

  • Beer holder on each turret (wouldn't be a true battleship without them)
  • Ammo box on each turret with 120 bullets
  • Removable bridge section with figures inside
  • Elasticated shoulder straps
  • Removable flag

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Robo Lincoln Steampunk Costume

Steampunked Abraham Lincoln Costume

Thanks to Bob for sending in his costume. He created the perfect Halloween costume if your goal is to stand around and not do anything. Unless you want to pull a Ghostbusters II at times and dance around to "Higher and Higher".

There is a downside. You might get some punk teenagers trying to answer the age old question of what's up the skirt for themselves.

Where did he find those sandals? They look like the actual pair on the Statue of Liberty.
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Venture Bros Monarch Henchmen Costumes

I never thought my opinion of a "henchmen" could be lower until I saw these Venture Bros. Henchmen of The Monarch.

Of course the Star Wars Stormtroopers are the most popular henchmen. The Wicked Witch of the West's' flying monkeys if you include primates. Those henchmen get to wear cool armor and fashionable vests.

But what do characters like Henchmen 21 and 24 get; butterfly costumes. I guess that's why only depressed people wear them.

Oh well, at least they make some people happy (see above).
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Banana Costume Grocery Store

Banana Republic Costume

Rotten Banana Costume

Just because it isn't Halloween doesn't mean you can't have a good time in a banana costume. I checked out the banana costume category on and created a list of my top 5 things to do in a banana costume:

  1. Stand next to the bananas in the grocery store and yell "What, am I not ripe enough for you?!" to banana purchasers.
  2. Lie on the ground and do your best to make people trip over you.
  3. Go to the Banana Republic and start a revolution.
  4. Start random conversions with people and suddenly leave saying "You're driving me bananas!"
  5. Go to a shoe store and apply for a job as a shoe polisher.

What would you include in your top 5 things to do in a banana costume?

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