Toddler Jack Skellington Costume

What an adorable costume. But the kid's expression does yell, "Stop taking photos of me on this tree stump already! I want to trick or treat!"
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Bodybuilder Batman Costume

So that's what Batman looks like under the costume. Hmmm... his modesty is also surprisingly gone. The idea of the psychologically torn caped crusader is a bit lost in this photo.
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Half Assed R2 D2 Costume

This R2-D2 costume is kind of sad. The worst part of this costume- either the cardboard or the cargo shorts. The best part- those R2-D2 shoes.
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Baby Bruce Lee Costume

This Baby Bruce Lee Costume is quite fantastic. I really hope he gets in a fight to the death with a baby Kareem Abdul Jabbar. That would be cool.
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Kids Abe Lincoln Penny Costume

Penny for you thoughts? Yeah, um... my thought is that this kids is going to win the school costume contest but shortly thereafter is going to be beaten up by the kid wearing a really cool bad-ass Dark Knight Rises Bane costume. "First you will watch your precious Union burn, then you will have my permission to die, Mr. Lincoln".

Wait, no. Sorry, that is way to clever for a kid dressed as Bane to say.
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