The TRON Dude Abides Costume

I wonder how White Russians taste on the Grid. This is a clever costume mashup that is worthy of a few creativity awards. I wonder if he ever goes bowling with the TRON guy.
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Avengers Mashup Halloween Costume

Talk about being indecisive. This guy loves the Avengers so much he couldn't settle on just one to be for Halloween. His solution was to be all of them at once. At least he inherited Thor's blonde locks of hair. Yeah, at least he has that going for him.
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Gotye Someone I Used to Know Costume

OMG, I really like how Bill and Marsha always come up with a clever couples costume for Halloween. There are soooo funny. They are totally that couple. What a great pair. You can tell they really have fun together. I would wager they are going to have adorable children together. And, also, somebody shoot me in the head now.
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Pokemon Ash Pikachu Couples Costume

The guy's expression says it all- "Damn right kids- one day, you too can have a girlfriend who dresses as a sexy cartoon character and not have it be weird" Long live the American Dream.
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Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

Pregnant Zombie Costume

Ah, yes, the question as old as time- "Does the unborn child of a pregnant zombie also become a zombie?" Probably. I don't know- zombies aren't real yet. It makes for a great costume nonetheless.
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