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Retired Old Hooters Costume

This Hooters Halloween costume is every guy's worst nightmare. If this happens, customers would actually be going to Hooters for the wings.
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Crocodile Dundee would be so proud of this pet costume. It looks like he is gathering signatures for a petition or fundraiser. Nothing like trying to gather the sympathy votes than by having your dog devoured by a crocodile.
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These group Captain Planet Halloween costumes brought back some great memories. Sadly they couldn't find two other people cool enough to complete the Planeteers.

It is well known that Ted Turner is Captain Planet's financial backer. The downside is Captain Planet has to make himself available for any photo op with Turner's friends. Case in point- this is the happiest day in Chevy Chase's life.
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Oh no, he cut his hand off with duct-tape (Always think safety first kids). This would be a great group Halloween costume if you had a flock of girls in a sexy Nurse Costume.

I don't think the Cat in the Hat knows what he's getting into.
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I thought this was a cool costume and then I read it was created in Japan and is actually a simple red skirt that transforms into an urban camouflage soda machine.

All the best stuff is made in Japan.
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