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This first guy is the spitting image of Waldo. He has the right stance and even the tea cup looks like the one he uses. With so many people dressing up in a Waldo Costume this year he is not going to be that hard to find.

I've always wondered; if Waldo and Carmen Sandiego had kids, would you ever be able to find them?
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Wow, some people can pull off wearing a Kiss costume and some can't. Taylor Swift has already got her Halloween costume for this year. Yikes. Look for the Hershey Kisses dancing around the stage with the band dressed as Kiss. Really? Really?

Taylor's costume looks homemade. Some of her bandmate's costumes look like legit Kiss Costumes.
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I know 80's costumes are in right now, and you have to admit if you saw a group dressed up like this for Halloween they would win the costume contest. If you are looking to purchase ghostbuster costumes than see the links below.
Ghostbuster Costumes
Sexy Ghostbuster Costume

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Toddlers are perfect for Halloween costumes. Not only do they say funny things but they have enough mobility and cognitive skills to make costumes work. They are also very cute in almost any situation.

We'll be doing a feature on toddler costumes very soon on WTFcostumes.

Here's some costumes we have previously featured for kids both babies and toddler age.

Toddlers Mario and Luigi Costume
Kids Alien Costume
Toddlers Lobster Costume
Toddlers Napoleon Dynamite Costume
Kids Lobster in Pot Costume

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Either this is a Supergirl whose holding the rifle for another cosplay friend or just a very confused Supergirl fan.

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