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This Plug and Socket costume is one couples costume that you really need to stand together for it to work. Apart, it just looks lame. And remember if you meet another couple dress up as a power plug make sure you have compatible voltage before swapping key chains.
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No need to wait until Halloween for this gem. Keep your kids in food costumes all year round as this is cute as.

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This might seem funny but if you do this and then bet f**ked up on drugs you'll end up making a big mistake.

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There comes a time when no matter how much you want to bone a girl dressing up as a fluffy, pink love heart and serenading here with a ballad you wrote on your guitar is just not worth it.

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Give the glasses to the other Smurf as he needs them! She probably smurfed him right in the smurfing parking lot.

And if you needed more proof that Smurfs are sex starved blue balling dudes then check the photo below. Check what Brainy Smurf's packing.


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