Nurse and Volcano Costume

Nurse and Volcano Costume

My knowledge of all things weird doesn't cover knowing WTF this is meant to be.

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Dude! It's Pyramid Head and a pre-mortem nurse from Silent Hill! (But yeah, Volcano works too.)

Seems to be from Silent Hill.

This is Pyramid Head and a Zombie nurse from the hit video game series Silent Hill, that was later made into a movie.

These two characters are specifically from Silent Hill 2. Pyramid Head is widely regarded is one of the scariest and most disturbing characters they've come up with (check out the weapon he drags around).

Here is a good example of the Pyramid Head costume done right.

Not just a nurse, it's Lisa Garland from the 1st of the series.

Uh yea that's not a volcano It's RED PYRAMID!!! from silent hill

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