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Kids Praying Mantis Costume

"Uhmm, Dad, I want to be a Praying Mantis for Halloween." Oh, you will be a praying mantis, dear child, the MOST EPIC F##KING PRAYING MANTIS ever! BWaHaHAha!
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Kids Centaur Costume

Oh my, the dreaded and elusive centaur costume. Epic if you can figure out how to do it right, sad when it turns out like this. Maybe one day costume mechanics will catch up so that we can all dress up as badass centaurs, but we have more of a chance of reaching the technological singularity first.
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Couples Kangaroo Costumes

Couples Kangaroo Costumes

The whole pajama costume thing befuddles me. But obviously dressing up in kangaroo pajamas is working for this guy. Clearly, he is getting some tonight.
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Baby Mermaid Costume

Baby Mermaid Costume

What the f*ck is wrong with parents this days? This crocheted baby mermaid costume is NOT adorable. It is just weird. If you were going for adorable, you should have gone for the baby Hitler costume.
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Sexy Female Wompa Star Wars Costume

Sexy Wompa Costume
"Wowsa little Ani, thatsa snow monster making me feel mighty funny inside." -Jar Jar BInks final words before being torn apart by the elusive female Wompa from the planet Hoth.
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