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Japanese Raccoon Balls Costume

Is it a bear? Monkey? The Japanese packaging makes it look like Mario in raccoon form ...with his junk hanging out.
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Mens Black Swan Costume

I would probably check out a performance of Black Swan by this guy... as i passed him on a street corner... while avoiding any eye contact. Natalie Portman's character in the movie Black Swan really doesn't seem that crazy now.
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Hipster Horse Costume

When I first looked at this Halloween costume I thought "if a horse wearing a hoodie and grilling wieners doesn't qualify as a hipster I don't know what does". Then out of the blue the Mister Ed theme song came into my head and I realized Mister Ed could potentially be one of the founders of the hipster movement.

He's been known to wear those trendy spectacles and has well kempt bangs; you ask him something he will give you his opinion, followed by some witty banter; he's even well educated (he can talk people).

You name your criteria and Mister Ed probably fits it.

Mister Ed Giving Speech

Mister Ed Sporting Glasses

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Ostrich Jockey Halloween Costume

Thanks to Laura for sending in her homemade ostrich jockey costume. She constructed it using paper mache, an inner tube pool toy, feathers, paint, a slinky, and a few pairs of tights.

You can never have too many ostrich jockeys around. Someone has to keep those creepy things at bay.
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Roadkill Easter Bunny Costume

If you did not get a visit from the Easter Bunny this year you now know what happened.
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