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Disney Zombie Costumes

At first I was in denial that 2D animation was dead thanks to the popularity of computer animated movies. But now it looks like even our favorite classic Disney characters have given up the fight and turned into flesh eating zombies.

I have to say, these Halloween costumes put a great spin on the traditional Disney costume theme.
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Red Riding Hood Costume

Here is a nice twist for the classic fairy tale. I guess this time Red Riding Hood could take care of the Big Bad Wolf all by herself.

Thanks to this Little Red Riding Hood costume we can now start the "Hunter" series. We already have the Cookie Monster hunter costume.

If anybody has a Barney hunter or Jar Jar Binks hunter costume send them in right away.
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Bathroom Wall Costume

Something tells me this is what the sleazy Dr. Suess originally had in mind when creating the Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters. I personally think these Halloween costumes are an improvement over the original red sleeper costumes.

Dr. Suess must have also been in a creative slump if the best names he could come up with were Thing 1 and Thing 2.
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You know that because of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter costume will be one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

Mad Hatter Costume

How long do you think it took him to start singing "Your Body is a Wonderland" to this sexy Alice? Hopefully her response isn't literally "Off with your head!"
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Rapunzel Costume

"Rapunzel, let down your hair! Uhhhh, never mind."

Picture this: You're a single guy scanning a Halloween party and you see someone in a Rapunzel costume. You go over to check her out and say "May I climb your hair?". Then she turns around and you see this guys face in the window.
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