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What's the best thing about the Christmas holiday season? It's Not the Christmas tree, presents, or spending time with family, but the SantaCons. If you are looking to put a spin on the traditional Santa Costume you can't go wrong with these ideas.

Gangster Santa Costume

  • He's making a list

Pimp Santa Costume

  • He knows when you've been naughty

ALF Elf Costume

  • He watches you while you sleep

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Where the Wild Things Are costumes would make great group Halloween costumes this year. The only problems are: who gets stuck wearing the wolf costume, and finding a bar where you can actually have room to move around.

At least now you actually have an excuse to start howling and throwing objects or yourselves around when you've had a little too much to drink.
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This first guy is the spitting image of Waldo. He has the right stance and even the tea cup looks like the one he uses. With so many people dressing up in a Waldo Costume this year he is not going to be that hard to find.

I've always wondered; if Waldo and Carmen Sandiego had kids, would you ever be able to find them?
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This was sent in by Craig Musselman and he's one of those guys who wins all the local costume competitions. What I love about this costume is that its built off a base of motocross gear. Which means if shit goes down and a sword fight or battle takes place you're protected.

This looks like a combination of store bought and custom elements. I like the leaves as a final touch. The only bad thing is trying to hook up at Halloween will be tough when you look like this.

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Ever start a Halloween costume and then change your mind half way through? But you have already invested so much time in the costume you just work with what you've got as a base for a totally different costume? Yeah me neither.

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