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Wow when I first saw this I thought "Wholly shit exclusive images from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen!!!!!!" but then realized it was just a Halloween costume.

Thanks to Sam Mills for sending this in. He said there is also LED lights in the eyes.

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This is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for Lawyers. In fact if you really want to freak a judge out you can rock up to a case in this.

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Some day aliens will look back to Earth and wonder WTF is going on. There advanced minds cannot comprehend the complex nuances in this costume and the video below.

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Here are some sexy fan Aeon Flux costume examples which all do a much better job than the terrible movie costume.



Dear Movie Producer: Why hire such an attractive lead star and have her wear something less revealing than she wears to the red carpet!? It's not a costume for the bashful.

While other kids were talking about which female cartoon character to bone like Betty of Wilma or Daphne the hot chick from Scooby Doo I had matured to Aeon Flux. Well maybe I still had a thing for Daphne.

For those that don't know Aeon Flux here's the intro to the sexy series. Liquid TV was my late night viewing in high school.

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Anyone who doesn't understand your Powdered Toast Man Costume doesn't even warrant a reply. If I was to try and take this down a notch I would say that Powdered Toast Man didn't actually carry around toast as a weapon. This is a much better toast costume than the one armed costume seen earlier.

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