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Not sure what it is about women in blue but it always tickles my fancy. Whether they are from Mass Effect, 5th Element or the add episode of Star Trek blue women are much better than green women.

This Smurfette costume certainly makes me want to go all Handy Smurf :)

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I'm going to end up having sexual fantasies about this one.

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sexy Alice in wonderland costume

Here's what the original Alice would think of this costume.

Basically any female Disney character is up for grabs when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes. Except maybe for Ursula from the Little Mermaid. This Sexy Alice in Wonderland costume makes me want to dress up like a rabbit and chase her down the hole. Except this model may have been crippled as she can't seem to stand straight.

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A Stewie Griffin Costume is the perfect Halloween costume if you want to talk dirty to everyone and look evil at the same time. To bad about the massive camel toe you have to sport.
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Meet the one guy who was annoyed Shredder wasn't in the latest TMNT movie. The sparkly blue suit was a hand me down from a "flamboyant" uncle.

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