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Here the Japanese show us how the Catgirl costumes are done. Western attempts have previously failed.

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Bender Costume

Kiss my shiny tin foil ass.

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The Simpson's seem like an easy one for Halloween costumes. But don't be fooled it can easily be done badly like below.

I don't know what's worse the costumes or the curtains.

This is the homer that skins you alive and uses your skin for his tie collection.

Why even bother with the face make-up? Your costume sucks ass. And yes I'm talking to both of you.

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Ever start a Halloween costume and then change your mind half way through? But you have already invested so much time in the costume you just work with what you've got as a base for a totally different costume? Yeah me neither.

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If your Dragon Ball Z halloween costume doesn't have kick ass hair like this then please toss it in the bin and choose something else as this is the standard people expect. It's like the manga Dennis the Menis.

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