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Sexy Wheres Wilma Wenda Costume

Found you! This Where's Wilma costume was a fan pic from our awesome WTF Facebook page. Is it Wilma or her twin sister Wenda? Do you know that Waldo has dated them both? Fellas, get out your Waldo Costumes, twins are apparently into the red and white stripes.
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Female Punk Cheshire Cat Costume

This Alice in Wonderland costume should definitely put a smile on your face. Something tells me that is not the only outfit in her closet with that much pink and purple.
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Sexy Female Skeletor

This is like zombie pin-up art. I'm so conflicted inside. To boner or not to boner?- that is the question.
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Daria and Jane Costumes

Daria and Jane Cartoon

Very cool Cosplay costumes from the American animated MTV series Daria. You can compare how accurate these Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane costumes are with the image from the show that inspired it.

I wish they had stuck with original drinking glasses. But what can you do? Coca-Cola advertising and tables go hand in hand.

Check out some additional Daria images here and a retail Daria costume here
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Venture Bros Monarch Henchmen Costumes

I never thought my opinion of a "henchmen" could be lower until I saw these Venture Bros. Henchmen of The Monarch.

Of course the Star Wars Stormtroopers are the most popular henchmen. The Wicked Witch of the West's' flying monkeys if you include primates. Those henchmen get to wear cool armor and fashionable vests.

But what do characters like Henchmen 21 and 24 get; butterfly costumes. I guess that's why only depressed people wear them.

Oh well, at least they make some people happy (see above).
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