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Mr Garrison Costume

The hardest part of putting together a Mr. Garrison costume is finding a suitable green sweater. Those things probably haven't been mass produced since the 90's.

I still think that if you want to dress up as a South Park character Towelie is the way to go. Look at how much more fun he's having compared to Mr. Garrison.
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Doug Quailman Costume

Finally, Halloween has given me an excuse to break out my green sweater vest. I have no idea where to find underwear like his (or have the guts to purchase them).

Remember to eat your beets kids. They're nature's candy!
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Winnie the Pooh Costume

Talk about being stuffed with fluff. This Halloween costume is taking the Winnie the Pooh honey pot to a whole new level. Although, I always did thinks Pooh was a little too relaxed in high stress situations.

I wonder who his dealer is. Could it be Christopher Robin, Eeyore, or dare I say Piglet?!
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Carmen Sandiego Costume

Except for what looks to be duct tape on her hat I'd say this is one of the better Carmen Sandiego Halloween costumes.

I always preferred Waldo because I was never very good at the Carmen Sandiego educational games. You could say I wouldn't be a very good ACME agent. But now she's growing on me (She's hot).

Want to know where in the world Carmen Sandiego is? Ask Chuck Norris, he knows.
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"Honk Honk"!!! It's Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine from my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon Doug! Don't stare at this Halloween costume idea too long; you will cause permanent damage to your retinas.

I want to know where he found those shoes.

Skeeter Valentine Costume

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