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Rogue and Gambit Costumes

Ever since the X-Men movies came out I've missed the classic X-Men character costumes. You have to admit that these suits are better than black leather. Rogue is just not Rogue without looking like this.

Hopefully with the upcoming X-Men: First Class film they will go back to the traditional costumes we remember from the comics and cartoon series.
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Krang must have had some sort of malfunction and had to downgrade to this new suit. This sure won't help with his self-esteem issues.

Krang Halloween Costume

All of the drinking on Halloween night must have severely damaged his brain cells. He looks a little deflated. He needs to get out of the Technodrome more often and hang out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to build up his tolerance.
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Zoids Liger Zero Costume Liger Zero Costume

At first I thought this costumer was just really good at balloon blowing. Then I read her instructions on how she crafted this homemade Zoids costume. Let's just say she's pretty crafty with pipe insulation, pleather fabric, and Play-Doh tubs.

The first time I watched this video the song "I'm Too Sexy" popped in my head.

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King Triton Costume

Behold King Trition taking a vacation in Hawaii. He has been letting himself go since The Little Mermaid days. Good thing he's sticking to light beer.

I'll admit, for being a fish his daughter Ariel is pretty hot.
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Hello Kitty Pikachu Costumes

It's about time these two came out as a couple. I like the sexy Hello Kitty costume (she can rub up against my leg any time she wants) better than the Pikachu Halloween costume. How in the world can that be comfortable for him?

I prefer the original sexy Pikachu costume over that one.
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