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Cereal Monster Costumes

I'm glad the General Mills monsters Count Chocula and Frankenberry agreed to let outsider Boo Berry be a part of this photo. He's just a stoned version of Casper.
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Kang and Kodos Costumes

With the amount of time it took this couple to make these Halloween costumes, I'm sure it jerked their chain when someone asked if they were a mutated booger.
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Towelie Costume

Don't forget to bring a towel... you wanna get high?

You can't get a better pickup line for this Halloween costume. You know someone is jealous of your costume when he gives you bunny ears. Although, towels don't get that much action; except for afterwards.
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Marvin the Martian Costume

You have to admire Marvin the Martin. His dream is to blow up the Earth because it obstructs his view of Venus, and he's pursuing it. Is there anything wrong with that?

I've always pictured him as either a slimmer version of Danny DeVito or Rick Moranis.
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Trogdor Costume

Based on the Trogdor Halloween costume I think this will be the next character adapted for film. It could be Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback film after being Governor.
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