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Rosie the Robot Costume

Here is an amusing Halloween costume submission of Rosie the robot from the cartoon The Jetsons.

Rosie was a one of a kind robot. If you give her a task she will get it done no matter what the costs. Skynet should have sent her back in time to kill John Conner.
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Scooby Doo Group Costumes

Fun things to do on Halloween when dressed in Scooby Doo costumes:

  1. Go to your local malt shop and pig out
  2. Go to haunted houses and ruin the fun for kids by explaining everything
  3. Pull off peoples Halloween masks saying "Mystery Solved!"
  4. Sit around eating Scooby snacks ;)

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He-man Costume

When I think of He-man I think of Dolph Lundgren and his award worthy performance in Masters of the Universe. But, BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL this He-man Halloween costume could sadly interfere with that.

Is anybody else worried that Carrot Top will see this costume and decide it would be a good look for him?
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Oh brother, you're a pimp Charlie Brown! Looks like things are turning around for Charlie. The only thing that could dampen his mood is receiving more rocks this Halloween.

I do think it's time he considers investing in hair implants.
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These group Captain Planet Halloween costumes brought back some great memories. Sadly they couldn't find two other people cool enough to complete the Planeteers.

It is well known that Ted Turner is Captain Planet's financial backer. The downside is Captain Planet has to make himself available for any photo op with Turner's friends. Case in point- this is the happiest day in Chevy Chase's life.
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