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Hulk Hogan Costume

You have to be a dedicated Hulk Hogan fan if you are willing to bronze your entire body to complete your Halloween costume. I always think Hulk Hogan is talking to me when he ends his sentences with "brother", and I don't like it.
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Evel Knievel Costume

Ouchy! Of all the accidents Evel Knievel had I hope they weren't as bad as what this costume shows. I mean his brain is inflating out of his helmet!
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Wow, some people can pull off wearing a Kiss costume and some can't. Taylor Swift has already got her Halloween costume for this year. Yikes. Look for the Hershey Kisses dancing around the stage with the band dressed as Kiss. Really? Really?

Taylor's costume looks homemade. Some of her bandmate's costumes look like legit Kiss Costumes.
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Sorry Ronald McDonald you suck. I doubt there's any chance you'd beat the Burger King in a cage fight. That is unless Grimmace came in at the last minute with a chair.

Here's a collection of Burger King costumes to inspire you for this Halloween. The good, the bad and the ugly. Have you ever seen another fast food mascot with a couple of babes? No that's because no one likes a ginger.


If you have your own Burger King costume you want to submit please send it in. Preferable one with hot babes in it too.

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Inspired by the famous Nat Geo photo from 1984 reffered to as Afghan Girl. Although the women in the costume doesn't seem as nice as the original.


This is similar to the Girl in the Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa costumes featured earlier.

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