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The New 52 Supergirl Costume

The DC universe got a reboot last year. 'The New 52' update saw a lot of costume changes as well. We're liking the makeover for Supergirl.  She still makes the cape sexy.

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Zombie Emma Frost

What could possible be off camera to distract Zombie Hulk from what is going on front and center? Emma Frost.  Zombie. Body-painted costume. HULK NOT IMPRESSED!
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Captain America Dog Costume

Nick Fury Dog Costume

The Hulk Dog Costume

Thor Dog Costume

There sure have been a lot of Avengers cross-promotions out there. Wouldn't it be great to see a Beggin' Strips dog treat commercial? The Avengers Don't Know It's Not Bacon!
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Batman Facial Hair

Do you think he shaved the Superman "S" into his chest hair as well? He better shave that off before summer or deal with the most epic tan lines ever!
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Steampunk Lady Deadpool Outfit

This Steampunk Lady Deadpool outift is a bizarre combination of everything...and I like it. Except for the plastic mask. The expression is freaking me out.
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