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Lego Batman and Robin Costumes

Lego man character Halloween costumes are getting more popular every year. Although, it is a little creepy seeing a Lego figure with a certain male body part.

Looks like Robin finally beat Batman at something.
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Swamp Thing Costume

I heard Swamp Thing had a traumatizing incident when he was young. His parents caught him weed whacking.

In all seriousness though, a Swamp Thing Halloween costume is the perfect costume for those hanging onto their 70's shag rug carpets.
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I wonder who helped her get this costume ready (lucky). Some of the best Halloween costumes are the ones that show some skin. Even if it's blue.
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I know 80's costumes are in right now, and you have to admit if you saw a group dressed up like this for Halloween they would win the costume contest. If you are looking to purchase ghostbuster costumes than see the links below.
Ghostbuster Costumes
Sexy Ghostbuster Costume

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Time spent on costume 15 hrs. Time spent photographing it 2 min.

Let's get serious here for a minute (put on a serious face). If you spend this long on what is a really solid costume make sure you get some good photos of it. Maybe ones without people in the background.

And this photo here looks like a nerd version of the Abu Ghraib prison photos. Or a futuristic sex scene. Either way kinda scary. I do like the Warhammer 4000 costume too.

Thanks to Myles Allen (the guy in the Iron Man costume) for sending this in.

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