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I'm not sure if this is a Catwomen costume or just a tight leather outfit with cat ears but it's doesn't really matter does it. Just one more reason to visit Comic Con this year.

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If you're going to dress as one of the most bad ass superheroes Wolverine you better look like this guy. No one will tell this guy that Wolverine doesn't wear camo pants.


And not this guy.


Here's a collection of the good and bad Wolverine Halloween costumes out there. Get in early before the movie comes out next year and everyone is wearing this for Halloween 2009.


Wolverine = cool. Zombies = cool. Zombie Wolverine = very cool



This guy actually has real retractable claws. And probably ended up poking out the eye of his date at a Halloween party too.



Don't let your mom wear the costume this year though.


Or the local stripper

And if you've left your Halloween costume buying to last minute you know you're going to end up with this


and worse still this very crap Wolverine costume.

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DC and Marvel comics pay attention. Having hot women dress up as little known characters like Starfire here is a sure fire way to increase awareness. Sure the Superman costume is fine but he might as well be invisible right now.

Those boots are great. Did I say boots?

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I'd never heard of Power Girl before seeing these photos. It looks to be a sexier version of Super Girl. Watch out though she's related to Superman so he might beat yo ass if you treat Super Girl wrong. Here's some fan costumes from various Comic Con's and other costume parties.

This first one reminds me of Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

This last one is the "Official Fan Power Girl" as seen in these fan made films


And then we um... Power Mom? Points for trying though.

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Picking on people in costume outside of a Comic Con might seem like a fun idea but you want to make sure you pick on someone smaller than you (like this guy) and avoid getting a royal beat down handed to you by uber serious fan boys.

No one will remember who they were they'll just remember you got beaten up at a Comic Convention.

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