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Either this is a Supergirl whose holding the rifle for another cosplay friend or just a very confused Supergirl fan.

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Cosplay is much easier for cute girls. Basically you put on any costume and it's instantly sexy. Like this one from Riddle


I think I'm in love!

It's between Hellgirl and Dr Girlfriend for the biggest nerd boner costume of the year.

Here's some other attempts at the same costume with varying success.


This Hellboy dude should cheer up.

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If you're going to do a big group effort and create as many Xmen costumes as you can and someone rocks up with a fur coat and says "I'm sabertooth!!!!" you tell her to fuck off and try harder. Same with anyone who makes Wolverines claws out of tin foil.

Thanks for sending that in Marcus. I hope it wasn't your Wolverine costume though I just shate on.

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The Dark Knight should have worn a seat belt.

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Some how, all the sexiness created by the cartoon series are comic books has been disolved in one foul swoop by this image. Not that Mr Freeze was ever sexy.

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