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Michael Jackson is one freaky mofo.

As seen on Flickr

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That right MOFO's im going as Hellboy and I've spent quite a bit of time on the costume. If anyone bastard want's to rock up in a better costume I will smash it.

Original costume post here.

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Not sure what it is about women in blue but it always tickles my fancy. Whether they are from Mass Effect, 5th Element or the add episode of Star Trek blue women are much better than green women.

This Smurfette costume certainly makes me want to go all Handy Smurf :)

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You spend all summer creating the most awesome costume only to realise on the way to the Halloween party that you need 4 extra arms not 3 to make up 8 appendages.

You can't turn back and add the extra arm as you'd also glued your hands together.

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At first you think this is kinda cute. The little kid dressed up. Then you see the dudes got a beard and now think "What a shit effort, where's the blades?!".

He's probably presenting his wrists there to be hand cuffed and taken away by the Crap Costume Police (CCP).

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