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Just because it isn't Halloween doesn't mean you can't have a good time in a banana costume. I checked out the banana costume category on and created a list of my top 5 things to do in a banana costume:

  1. Stand next to the bananas in the grocery store and yell "What, am I not ripe enough for you?!" to banana purchasers.
  2. Lie on the ground and do your best to make people trip over you.
  3. Go to the Banana Republic and start a revolution.
  4. Start random conversions with people and suddenly leave saying "You're driving me bananas!"
  5. Go to a shoe store and apply for a job as a shoe polisher.

What would you include in your top 5 things to do in a banana costume?

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Disney Zombie Costumes

If you thought the Barbarella and Lara Croft costumes couldn't get any sweeter you were wrong. These models are actually draped in chocolate formed to create some of your favorite character costumes. The chance for a melting wardrobe malfunction was high.

While strutting down the runway a chocolate bodybuilders dumbbells fell off. If you don't believe me check it out towards the end of the video.

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Hamburger Helper Costume

This funny Halloween costume proves that the Hamburger Helper is still a favorite among food mascots.

He used to be in commercials a lot. But, over time he became depressed for not being able to give the middle finger and developed a hand lotion addiction because of it.

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Cereal Monster Costumes

I'm glad the General Mills monsters Count Chocula and Frankenberry agreed to let outsider Boo Berry be a part of this photo. He's just a stoned version of Casper.
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I think this is even funnier than the previous baby lobster costume.

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