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The Sweet Relish guy is stoned off his dial.

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Sorry Ronald McDonald you suck. I doubt there's any chance you'd beat the Burger King in a cage fight. That is unless Grimmace came in at the last minute with a chair.

Here's a collection of Burger King costumes to inspire you for this Halloween. The good, the bad and the ugly. Have you ever seen another fast food mascot with a couple of babes? No that's because no one likes a ginger.


If you have your own Burger King costume you want to submit please send it in. Preferable one with hot babes in it too.

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This is a man in a toast costume making a left turn.

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Um ok I know I said fancy dress but "dress" was the operative word. And you're only allowed to say "did anyone order a salami pizza" once tonight, It gets old quick.

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Some parents have too much fun with their babies.

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